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My Happy Space

Declutter.    Organize.    Relief.

Professional Organizer Vancouver, BC

Nadia von Hahn- Lead Organizer

My Happy Space is a home organizing and decluttering service based out of Vancouver, BC. I work with women and couples to help them cultivate order, simplicity, and beauty in their homes, so they can focus on what truly makes them happy.

Getting organized is self care that sets you up for new confidence, emotional renewal, and a fresh start. I would love to support you through this journey in all areas of your home.

​Does this feel familiar?


  • It's so overwhelming, you don't know where to start.

  • There is clutter causing stress and anxiety.

  • Realistically you will not get much done without help.

  • There are spaces in your home that cannot be used.

  • You do not have time to do this alone.

  • You are unable to do the physical labour involved.

  • There is clutter causing safety hazards.

Think of me like a personal trainer, helping you transform your home into your happy space.

Modern Living Room

   I understand that inviting someone to sort through your secret chaos is a vulnerable thing.  

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Progress + Fun

A job that I dreaded actually became fun. The progress made each day was concrete and encouraging and gave impetus for more decluttering and organizing the following day. And now, what a pleasure to know everything I have and where everything is. Our home has become a restful and welcoming space that I feel proud of. 


Energy + Motivation

With a great deal of energy and speed, Nadia really helped us to organize many areas! She has an excellent sense of how to categorize items and made very good suggestions which to give or throw away. I made the final decisions. I greatly appreciated everything and was motivated by the teamwork approach!


Calm + Satisfying

Nadia turned a task I avoided, into an immensely satisfying experience. I knew for a long time that the clutter and disorder in our home left me anxious and frustrated, but without Nadia's calm guidance and gentle persistence I don't think we would have ever gotten the job done. 


 I provide confidential non-judgmental guidance, helping hands, and the will to get it done.

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